Kiev.Part 1

Hello everyone from Kiev! İts my fourth day here and i fall in love with this city more and more. At the beginning i even regret that i didn't choose to study here over Turkey but now after staying apart from Turkey I realised how much its precious to me so no remorse anymore. But still when im touching ukrainian money , eating ukrainian food or speaking ukrainian language it makes me feel so pleased and joyful. 
First day in Kiev as soon as the sun went down we decided to go to Maidan Nezalezhnosti (literally: Independence Square) is the central square of Kiev .One of the city's main squares, it is located on Khreshchatyk Street.

Second day we visited The Burger -one of the best restaurant i have ever been. We ordered delicious burgers and enjoyed our lives while eating them. For sure,İ will go there again before leaving. Perfect place to spent evening , prices are high a little bit , but it's worth it and located in an amazing place. So guys if u will be in Kiev dont miss the chance and go there. 

Yesterday was a Day full of excidents, we went to Pechersk, took some photos there and after we were tasting ukrainian beer in the best brewery in the city, about night i will not even write because it was so crazy. Tomorrow our destination is Mariinsky Park, we will go there early in the morning so i hope i will be able to wake up at 5 am, i guess its better not to sleep at all. Glory to Ukraine!

Have a good night!

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