Royal park,Poland

İ will not exaggerate if i say that Lazienki Royal park is the most beautiful place i have ever seen. Łazienki Park was designed in the 17th century in the baroque style. It took the name Łazienki ("Baths") from a bathing pavilion that was located there.The Royal Łazienki Palace and Garden complex was the summer residence of Stanisław August, the last king of Poland. The historic garden covers an area of 76 hectares, including the Palace on the Island and the Royal Collection of Paintings, the Amphitheatre, the Old Orangery, and the Stanislavian Theatre. It is also where the Museum of Hunting and Horsemanship is located.



Hello everyone! These last three days i spent in Poland with my friends and it was such an amazing weekend. We tried polish national dishes, visited a lot of  famous places, meet a lot of new people and went to cinema in Arkadia mall. First stop was on Old town-This is a small, triangular square near the cathedral. The name comes from the old-style buildings surrounding the square, where canons priests lived in the 17th century. There was formerly the parish cemetery in this place, and there is a remnant of an 18th century Baroque statue of the Virgin Mary.Second stop was in Lazienki Park, but i will write later about this place. Also we were going to visit Copernicus Science centre, but unfortunately it was closed. 

I'm really glad that I went there and spent time memorable and joyful, hope I will be back there someday.

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