Light blue

Hello everyone! From today I will write in English because none of my friends from Turkey and other foreign countries have no idea what I’m talking about. That's why i finally decided to write in English since its common language that everyone will understand. I actually want to write in Turkish as well,but its quite hard for me. Turkish grammar is really complicated, but one day i will try,hopefully! My blog actually going to be mixed with Russian English and Turkish languages.
 Today weather was really amazing so we decided to go for a walk and take some pictures. I think everyone who lives in Yalova understood that we shot in Termal. There are so many good places for photos and no(!) it wasn't cold as everyone maybe will think! Perfect day for walking,breathing fresh air and drinking hot chocolate.
 I adore this light blue sweater which you can see on my photos. First time i saw i had no doubts that i will buy it! Really amazing and very soft. There were 3 colors: blue,pink and white. All of them were marvelous. But this one,light blue,the best. I bought it in Kipa. I never thought there can be something stylish and with good quality and i was really impressed.So if somebody wants this kind of sweater and cant find go to Kipa and u will get it. Only for 40 tl. Maybe it will be cheaper even because of holiday discounts. Wish you wonderful week guys because its finally the last one. Lets finish this semester with high marks and without make up exams. Good luck!

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