Hello everyone! I would like to share with you some useful tips about our small trip to Cappadocia:)

1) From airport to hotel: the best way is to take Turkish airlines service- its cheap and they will drop you in fromt of the hotel.

2) Where to stay: Maccan Cave hotel is the place where we stayed and it was absolutely amazing! Beginning with the price and ending with service. Everything was great: view, terrace, breakfast(!!!) staff, people, rooms. So if you don't want to search two and more hours in the Internet in order to find good hotel, just book this one and i'm sure you will not regret;)    

3) What to do: ATV- is the activity you should try while being in Göreme. They are going to make you tour which is including all important and the most beautiful places, believe me its unforgettable! We had so much fun while driving. By the way tour will take 2 hours and price is only 45 tl per person.

4) Balloon tour- is probably number one in your "to-do-list". When you searching for tours, please don't be fooled by the low price! Cheap companies from time to time making the accidents with sad consequences. The best decision is to book the tour from the hotel where you are staying. So they will arrange the service, prepare snacks and wake you up :)

5) What to eat: Don't forget to try the most popular meal in Cappadocia, which is called Testi Kebabi, we tried it in Avanos and it was super tasty!

Don't miss the chance and go to Capaddocia as soon as possible! 


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