Hainburg is the nearest Austrian town to Bratislava. My friends used to come there every Friday for praying, so today we went all together to see Hainburg, eat some Turkish food and walk around. For me this town is a piece of Turkey, because there a lot of Turkish people or Turkish speaking, they are praying, cooking famous Turkish dishes and selling products from the Turkey. Hainburg is a small and cute town, one of the famous places there is Hainburg Castle located on the hill.

Some facts from the history:

  • Emperor Henry III ordered a castle built here in 1050.
  • Under Duke Leopold V the enlargment of the fortress started in 1194. Boundaries of the town were extended as far as the Danube River.

  • In February 11, 1252, Ottokar II, later the King of Bohemia, married at the castle the last Babenberger Margaret of Austria.
  • In Battle of Dürnkrut in 1278 Ottokar II, Premysl lost the castle to the Habsburgs.
  • After 1629, the castle belonged to the city.
  • In July 11, 1683, the Second Ottoman Campaign destroyed the city along with the castle. About 8000 people were killed or deported by the Turks.

I liked this town and especially this amazing view.

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